One in five adults have a smartwatch and by 2020 the wearable tech market is predicted to reach 26 billion pounds. But for the first time ever, this tech isn’t all about cool features.

Companies are reporting that it doesn’t make an awful lot of difference to buyers how many gadgets (above the norm) are loaded on to their smartwatches. It may be surprising to some, but if it’s ugly, no one wants it!


Until now, we’ve always left the technology to the tech geeks in Silicon Valley but tech isn’t just about computer labs and app development anymore. The fashion industry are leading this movement.

On runways around the world, we are seeing models sporting things like Google Glass and fashion designers taking to the catwalk in the next generation of payment-enabled dresses (Not 100% that it’s a great idea, to be honest!). People are starting to care less and less about battery life (maybe that’s why my new iPhone keeps dying!) and other capabilities, they just want to look good.

In all honesty, I think this could potentially be great for tech. We’ve mentioned, on numerous occasions, how tech has been a man’s world (I promise we will shut up about it soon!) so maybe these fashionistas can give them a run for their money!


On the other hand, it could be disastrous and we may end up having to charge our clothes up before we head out in them in the morning.

More and more companies are flocking in for a slice of the pie. With this industry set to be huge, we can’t wait to see what’s coming next. I mean, imagine clothes that changed themselves at the press of a button, haven’t we all been in a situation where we have been hugely under/overdressed for something? Would it be similar to the start of a game where we have to exchange money for preloaded outfits?

The possibilities are endless.


This can only be good for the planet, think about the labor used to produce the clothes you wear at the moment, think about the emissions created transferring them from factories to your home. The reduction in packaging alone would be huge! No more plastic oceans.

Of course, to completely reinvent the way we dress would take years, so let’s not rely on this to save the planet in the meantime!