It can be difficult to be alone on Christmas. Perhaps you have lost someone special this year, maybe you have just separated with your significant other or you’re choosing to take the opportunity to rest. You can be alone without feeling lonely and we definitely do not want anyone to feel lonely this year.

Here are our best ideas for fighting loneliness and finding a way to have happier holidays.

1. Plan your time


Remember the Grinch’s list? He wasn’t intending on leaving home for the holidays but he was “booked”. Perhaps avoid the self-loathing though. What movies are you going to watch? Are you scheduling time for baking? What will you have for dinner? Are you going to watch the Queen’s Speech?

2. Have a Movie Marathon


‘Elf’, ‘Santa Claus the Movie’, ‘Miracle on 34th Street’, ‘Die Hard’…. The choices are endless! Stock up on snacks and your festive favorites and spend some time on the sofa! Don’t forget the popcorn! Put on some fluffy slippers and curl up under a blanket. Take it easy!

3. Skype your loved ones


If you can’t be with the people you love because of the distance, Skype them or Facetime them! I know it isn’t quite the same but you still get to look at and talk to those that matter the most to you. You could do this early in the morning and watch them open their presents! Don’t let a few miles ruin your holiday.

4. Show compassion to those who need it!


Do you live in a rural area? Do you have elderly neighbors? Do you know someone going through a rough time? Reach out to them. Last year I was left in high spirits after seeing people posting on Facebook sales pages – “Free – Is anyone alone this year for Christmas? I always make too much food and I would be happy to bring you a plate.”

What a lovely idea! Connect to people feeling the same way that you do. Be a little less lonely together!

At the very least, you have done a good dead.

5. Find recipes online and give them a try!


Countries around the world have different ‘signature’ Christmas dishes. Do some research on Pinterest and find a couple of dishes you want to try. Make a mess, have some fun, if it is awful, then it’s awful! What’s the worst that can happen?

6. Become a part of the community


Lots of towns and cities have their own websites. It is usual practice for these sites to have a ‘What’s On’ section. Find something worth trying and join in. A local restaurant in my area did a “Painting and Prosecco” night recently. It’s all great fun.

We are sure you are going to have an amazing Christmas, whether you are alone or not. You can spend time finding new things to enjoy or find solace in your favorite hobbies. 

However you spend Christmas this year, we hope you have a good time! 

This will be our last blog post now until January! We will miss all of our loyal readers, but we hope you have an amazing holiday! Catch us again on Tuesday the 8th!