Weird, wacky, or just plain lazy gadgets you didn’t know you needed!

We all love a good novelty or gadget that makes our lives just a bit easier, and with Christmas around the corner (yes, Christmas!) Well why not put a smile on your face with some of these weird, funny, or just plain lazy inventions!

lady cuddling robot cushion

Combine your own breathing rhythms and cuddling with this cushion. Designed to help you snooze easier, this cuddly robot will match with your breathing. Does that sound too creepy? No problem, It also plays audiobooks, white noise or even lullabies.

Denso Vacuum Shoes
‘Get your shoes ON the carpet!’ It’s not anything we’d expect our mums to say. Denso, a Japanese autopart manufacturing company holds a contest once a year to see who can ‘foster their creative and innovative design concepts’. Well, they definitely did with this one which made it’s way to CES, the world’s biggest tech tradeshow. This is just a prototype, but who knows, in a few years time you might be able to jig and jive your way to a clean house. An old-school hoover takes up too much space anyway! 

Fancy waking up and putting the kettle on from your bed? Well, now you can. If you need five more cheeky minutes, this kettle is wifi powered and with one quick download and click you can be walking downstairs to ready heated water for your morning brew. Can it get any better?

Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine
Yes, it does get better! Select and make your favourite beverage as you get ready or for when you get home from a long day! 

USB Cup Warmer
Never have your cuppa go cold again! Perfect for those busy days at the office!

face mask over mouth

Finally can have a private conversation in public, or just have a lot of fun with this gadget. This is the first voice mask for mobile phones and through wifi, you can change your voice to a famous character or muffle your voice and reduce noise pollution. That’ll add some spice to your work life!

Kérastase Hair Coach
Smart hairbrush? This is not actually a bad idea when it comes to looking after those locks. With each brush, your hair is tracked and the quality is recorded. Brushing patterns are analysed and counted and vibrations are sent through the device if brushing is too forceful.

Modius Headband
With all these time savers doing actions for us, it’s not surprising we’re piling on the pounds. If you want help to reduce your appetite, this device claims that wearing this for an hour a day will, in theory, stimulate the area in your brain responsible craving food, thus reducing appetite.

Kohler Numi toilet

The loo of the future! It’s voice-activated, has a foot and seat warmer, and mood lighting. Stream your music via Bluetooth whilst you literally party on the throne. If that’s not enough, you can set up a personalised greeting!  Most importantly, it has a built-in deodoriser. It’s literally that seat from The Simpsons. 
glowing toilet

Hidrate Spark
Make sure you never get dehydrated again with a bottle that glows as a reminder. Not only that, but this bottle tracks the amount you drink, and syncs to Google Fit, Apple Watch and Health and more. 

grinning man with spaghetti fork

Twirling Spaghetti Fork 
No need to tire their your hands out again whilst eating your food with this handy gadget. 

What do you think? A few creative ideas for everyday objects? Or just crazy! At least if you spill your spaghetti with your spinning fork, you can just vacuum it up with your shoes.