Can we use technology to talk to the dead?

Talk to dead

We are in the run-up to Halloween and some of you may be solidifying your plans for this spooky night. Perhaps you are planning to dress up and go trick or treating, or maybe you are intending to stay in and watch some scary movies on the TV. There may also be a select few of you that are intending to convene with the dead.


It has been said that on All Hallows Eve the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, so that night would be eerily perfect for such magic.

If your plans do include getting out the Ouija board (and all of those movies didn’t put you off) you may be glad to hear that it might get much easier.

According to one man in the USA conversing with the dead is not only possible, soon it shall be as easy as using a mobile phone and accessible to everyone. Mr Pitstick is labelling his project the “Soul Phone”.


He says that it is no longer a question of whether communication with the dead is possible and more of the question of “What will it take to engineer a technology to make spirit communication extremely reliable, practical, and affordable?”

‘The SoulPhone Foundation’ (yes there is a whole foundation) says: “Technologies are currently being tested in laboratories around the world to demonstrate that these theories are real and, in fact, many have been extensively validated.”

I would like to ask you to take a moment to think about the potential consequences of this if the ‘SoulPhone’ was widely accessible. At the very least, I imagine murders would be easier to solve. Who would be your first “call”? What would this mean for modern day religion?

This technology (if we could take it seriously) would literally mean the end of life (excuse the pun) as we know it. How would the world respond?


I suppose the answers to these questions depend entirely on what the spirit realm is, who we can contact and what they can see of our world at the moment. If we think literally, we tell people that their dead loved ones “watch over” them, does that mean there is a heaven? Can these loved ones see everything on earth?

Is my great aunt Margaret going to call for a chat and is it going to follow this pattern?
“Hi Lovely, that John is cheating on Anna again, you know I never did like him. Make sure you take your coat out with you my dear, a big rain cloud is coming your way and your boss is running late this morning, no need to rush to work…”

Great Aunt

I cannot begin to comprehend the impact this invention would have. What are your thoughts?

Have a Happy Halloween everyone. Think about scheduling some space in your diary for next year, we might all be talking with the dead by then!

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