5 Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind

Do you remember the first mention of the iPhone in the early noughties? What is now a common object found on your average youth to near retirement age person once seemed like near sorcery only fifteen years ago. 

Scientists have created, and are advancing on some mind-blowing inventions, some of which are already accessible to the public today. 

In a few years time paper may be a thing of the past when you can just simply get out your Think Board X and share your art, pictures and files to and from home and work. Or maybe home will be work for most of us. At least we can have a lunch break as long as we like and work in our pyjamas. So what’s next?


Using Artificial Intelligence this wearable device allows you to communicate your thoughts from your brain to a computer. Using complicated methods, this device plays back the information you’ve requested via audio. This human computer interaction allows a person to effectively speak to themselves. What does this mean in terms of cybersecurity? Or someone planning on world domination?

man looking at wall of papers

Think Board X
Created by Rocketbook, not only does the Think Board X work as a traditional Whiteboard, it’s peel and stick, works on most surfaces and connects all your ideas and scans them to The Cloud, Dropbox and Google Drive by the Rocketbook App before being erased. Adding a double hashtag to a title, using state of the art recognition will have it automatically written to keep your notes more organized.

robot and human arm pointing

Deka “Luke” Arm
Mobius Bionics have created this bionic arm that uses the person’s electrical signals from their muscles to move and change position. Named after the Star Wars hero, not only can basic grips and movement be done but this arm is capable of fine and strength-based motor movements. It is also resistant to dust and rain, creating ease for the user outside the home.

ice cubes

Reverse Microwave
This creation by Frigeondas can flash freeze food, drinks and even create ice in minutes. Due to the quick process, water doesn’t evaporate, leaving the food tasting fresh even after being defrosted. As well as this, it also doubles up as a traditional microwave.

dark moth

Scientists aim to use bugs for their research by inserting microchips into their cells. The bugs would be implemented whilst in metamorphosis, creating a better connection as they heal. So far, work has been created on roaches, moths and horned beetles. Adult moths have emerged and are their flight even controlled. It is hoped they can be used in warfare equipped with latest spy technology and the ability to sense explosives.

What does this mean for humans? Could we be microchipped? I think it’s can safe to say that it’s unlikely you need to feel too afraid of any spiders lurking in your bathrooms anytime soon. Murder by arachnids isn’t possible yet!