Are Super Suits the way forward?

super suit

Iron Man, Batman, and even Spiderman all have super suits, giving them special abilities and helping them protect the world against an evil of every kind. Iron Man could shoot missiles, Spiderman could shoot webs and Batman was just cool, his suit protected him from gunfire and contained various gadgets that kept him alive and helped him fight the newest bad guy.

warehouse operator

What about Dave, the warehouse operative from Birmingham? Does he strike you as the superhero type? Is he worthy of a super suit?
We think Dave deserves a super suit too and some companies actually agree with us!


An EksoSuit is essentially an outer skeleton designed to take weight and pressure of the human body during exerting tasks. These suits have already been implemented on those that have suffered a stroke or a spinal cord injury to help them live as much of a normal life as possible. These people have often gone from paralysis or partial paralysis to being able to perform daily tasks again.
These suits are already potentially life-changing for those that have experienced these types of illnesses/injuries.

EksoSuit mechanic

However, Ford (yes, the car people) are trialing them in vital parts of their business. When we talk about wearing a ‘power suit’ to work, the first image that comes to mine does not usually involve mechanics.
Warehouse workers often find themselves lifting heavy items and putting a strain on their joints and their spines but with an EksoSuit the potential for injury is allegedly limited and their bodies are supposed to be stronger and more resilient against issues with repetitive strain.


Now, we will say that these suits are still only being trialed, we aren’t entirely sure yet how successful they will be. As with all new technology, they also come with a hefty price tag. 
We do like the principle though, anything that makes employees safer gets the thumbs up from us!
There have been some studies that suggest that these suits cut the strain on the spin by up to 50% which is great progress.


Maybe one day soon we will see these suits implemented here in the UK too. It would be pretty great to wear this type of power suit to work every day! I do spend most of my time at my desk so it wouldn’t be that effective, but a girl can still dream, can’t she?
(Though with all of the chatter about humans being replaced by robots, the whole thing may be redundant as I don’t think they’re vulnerable to the same type of injuries.)