What Sex Robots will mean for you

woman in bed with robot

(Warning Explicit Content)

It seems a million miles away, doesn’t it? A time where instead of trying to find a human partner we all just ‘make’ our ideal match. We pick his/her hair colour, eye colour, personality, size and shape. We will tell them our problems, they will help around the home. They will replace humans in relationships, why settle for imperfection when we can just choose what we want our partners to be?

posing with doll

Forget arguments and divorce, you own your robot, they do as they’re told.
We won’t need to worry about overpopulation because ‘accidental’ pregnancies will be none existent. If we want to procreate, we will all just go to IVF clinics and get inseminated.
Doesn’t it sound crazy to you?
Maybe you think it’ll be a great thing. Maybe you think the ‘Child dolls’ and the ‘Rape dolls’ that are available will prevent crime and reduce the number of sex attacks. Perhaps they will. Although the idea turns my stomach.

child doll

Maybe the world will be a better place.
But, part of me wonders what will happen to human interaction. Can we discuss our problems with a robot? Can wires and programming keep us warm at night? I have my doubts.
My motto is usually: Do what makes you happy, as long as it isn’t hurting anyone.
But these robots raise ethical issues. Are these robots nothing more than sex toys? As such, does it matter what we do with them? Or, because we have given them human attributes, should they be treated with a certain amount of respect?
Are you comfortable having sex with something that is lifelike, and yet cannot consent? What does that say about you?

man and doll

What lessons are young adults going to be taught if their first experience is with one of these robots? They can be programmed to do whatever you want, you can even program them to try to fight you off. 
Do these robots desensitize people to rape?
What happens when these people finally have a sexual experience with a human being? Will they be expecting a willing participant? They’ve never had to ask for consent before. 
Anyone watching Channel Four’s ‘Humans’ will recognize familiar narratives.
In season one, the Hawkins family purchase a ‘Synth’ (a mixture of Robotics and AI). On the ‘menu’ there was a selection for ‘Adult options’. Ethical issues were raised when one evening, the father of the family decided to try out the adult options. He just saw it as a robot, an emotionless thing, he didn’t think having sex with the synth could do any harm. 
His wife had a very different opinion. She saw it as cheating. She was appalled that he would consider having sex without consent. Having sex with something that interacted with her and their children was disgusting to her.
These robots raise so many issues. It isn’t an easy topic to discuss.
Your level of acceptance is dependent on your beliefs about relationships, consent, sex and human nature.
I’m not sure I can accept this. It makes me uncomfortable.

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Written by Yazmine Howes

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