The most horrifying things on the internet.

Are you ready to be creeped out? If your idea of fun is sitting down and watching a horror film then this blog post may just be for you. The worst part though? It’s all real.

I gave myself nightmares researching the below post. Proceed with caution. You have been warned.

Red Rooms

It is believed that there are websites hosted on the dark web dedicated to the torture and murder of humans. To gain entry into these awful sites you have to pay a large fee in Bitcoin, once you’ve paid the piper you can watch as horrific acts unfold.

Patrons of these terrifying places pay for perpetrators to commit acts of violence against their victims, the patrons even have a say in what awful acts take place.

There are conflicting claims about these rooms, some maintaining that they do not exist, and others convinced that if they did exist the protocol for entering one would be so strict that hardly anyone would know about their existence.

The police have set up several sting operations to catch anyone associated with these kinds of websites and many individuals advertising these sites on the dark net are scam artists preying on those who are sick minded enough to be willing to pay for entry. 

There is however some evidence that these rooms truly exist.

Peter Gerard Scully fled Australia in 2011 to escape charges for fraud and deception offences. He moved to the Philippines where he set up a pay-per-view website, the website he set up was for pedophiles to live stream horrific acts against children.

He promised their parents that he would educate them and provide them with work. Instead they ended up in the videos he created and streamed online.

The most notorious of his videos was titled “Daisy’s Destruction” and customers paid up to $10,000 to watch it. The details of that video are stomach churning and honestly, I am not going to discuss it in detail here because it truly is repulsive. If you want more details they are widely available on the internet.

After the video surfaced an international manhunt took place. He was discovered in the Philippines in 2015. On the 13th of June this year (2018) Scully was sentenced to life in prison for his crimes.

Human Experiments

Have you ever watched the film “The Human Centipede”? Nope me either. Why? Because honestly, I don’t need to feel like vomiting. Do as you please, but let me tell you, I’ve heard enough about the plot to know it probably isn’t something you can unsee.

According to sources, there are sites (similar to the red rooms above) where viewers can live stream grisly human experiments.

Again, Bitcoin is required to live stream videos.

Best Gore

Fancy some free grisly videos? (I am still recovering after that last point but you guys go on ahead without me). Best Gore is a compilation of real life horror videos. No CGI involved at all.

The creator of the site was arrested for violating Canadian Obscenity Laws. 

The general public keep the site going by posting their own clips and videos, I imagine their logic is that the police can’t arrest everyone involved. Even when we wish they could.

Personally, I am going to stick to my funny kitten videos. You guys enjoy all the gore without me! I don’t mind, honest.

Death Date

Have you ever wondered when and how you are going to die? Enter your details into Death Date and it will predict your demise.

Oh, and if that wasn’t creepy enough. The site also gives you how long you have left to live (right down to the last second) and the percentage of your life you have wasted so far.
Have fun!

Death Map

If this post wasn’t morbid enough for you, you can check out where and when people are dying in real time. It does show you births as well so at least it isn’t all bad!

If the births part is just a bit too cheery for your liking, you can select to show deaths only. Oh, and occasionally a sign pops up telling you what religion the deceased followed.

How cute! (Sarcasm)

If like me, you now have no hope left for human kind and wonder what world we are living in then I guess the post has done its job. 

Now let’s all go and watch something more uplifting. I think ‘The Exorcist” should do it.

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