Spy on people with their own devices


Want to know how to spy on people using their own devices? Learn this easy trick to hack into people’s cameras.

In 2009 John Matherly launched a site called Shodan. Shodan was originally invented for tech companies to get a head by finding and logging into their competitor’s new devices. Instead though it has become a tool to spy on people who are blissfully unaware.
Matherly inadvertently created a monster. Shodan indexes the “Internet of Things” in the same way that Google or Bing index websites. Making them available for all of their users see.
In his book ‘1984’ George Orwell said “Big Brother is Watching You.”, and honestly, they might well be. It could also be me and millions of others who have logged on to watch you through your own home security device – ironic isn’t it?

big brother spy

Using a premium account (the free account brings up less results) I can browse through 10,000 different cameras at one time, narrowing down my search by location, connection and device manufacturer.
Shodan doesn’t just show you devices with cameras either, we can see routers, VoIP phones and all of your smart appliances (think TV’s, Refrigerators etc).
Worse than that though, the ‘Vulnerable Cams’ list on Shodan features images and videos from places like bank safes, marijuana plantations, local shops, nuclear power stations… people’s bedrooms…. It’s enough to make anyone cringe.
It would be easy to blame Matherly for creating a search engine that makes these private things so readily available to the general public. Matherly argues, though, that he should not be held responsible for the way manufacturers provide inadequate security for these devices. He insists that his search engine isn’t “scary” and that he is only highlighting the bigger issue.

Stop people logging in to your life without you knowing, change the password!

change password

If you are as freaked out as we were about this, there is an easy way to protect yourself. Change your webcam passwords. If you leave your password as the default password for your device we can log into it easily. Default passwords are readily available over the internet. 

To check if your devices are vulnerable go to Shodan and type in “net:YOUR.IP.ADDRESS”

A few months back I walked into my Grandma’s house, she was sat at the desk in her office and I laughed. She had sticky notes over every webcam. Her tablet, her computer, her phone… everything. I thought she was just being paranoid.

Perhaps though, we might all be safer following my Grandma’s example… 

If anyone wants me I’ll be at home with the sticky notes!

cover camera

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