How Virtual Reality will literally change the world

Recently VR headsets have been everywhere and the advancement of VR technology is moving at a pace so fast we struggle to keep up. It wasn’t all that long ago that VR and AR (Augmented Reality) was just a day dream. Yet today the biggest names in the Technology industry are releasing their latest versions.
So how will Virtual Reality affect the way we live and work?

Watching films

Watching a film through a VR headset is a different experience all together. Forget 3D movies at the cinema. Welcome to a world where you can participate in the movie, you choose what you pay attention to and at what pace the story progresses. See every detail of the movie like you are in it.
I would definitely lay off the horror films on VR headsets though. I don’t really like the idea of taking part in the next Saw film but thank you anyway. 

Visiting places

If you could have any superpower what would it be? Maybe you’d choose to fly, or to be super strong, or just maybe you would pick teleportation. Fancy seeing the view from the top of the Eiffel tower? Would you like to visit the Grand Canyon?
You can ‘go’ anywhere. The whole world is open to you and your VR headset. Sites like Google Earth will be a whole other experience. 
Space travel is another prospect with Virtual Reality. Scientists could send ships into space with cameras on and instead of travelling to space themselves, astronauts could observe space through VR headsets like they’re actually present in the ship. The best part? It doesn’t have a time limit. Humans grow old and die, astronauts are human and thus they are the same. 
However, with VR you could always change the people monitoring the ships. We could map the entire universe using this technology.

Visiting times

Have you ever wanted to live in Roman times? Perhaps you’d like to see a gladiator battle at the Coliseum. You are only a couple of millennium too late! With Virtual Reality though, it isn’t a problem. Everything can be recreated and explored. There are no limitations on where or when you can see.

The Medical Industry

At the moment surgeons practice on those that donate their bodies to science, failing that they practice on manikins made of plastic and rubber.
What if trainee surgeons could relive the surgeries of experts and experience everything as if they were conducting the surgery themselves? What if they could access decades of experience instantly? It would revolutionize the medical industry and accelerate the learning process.

Preparing Soldiers for War

What if soldiers could experience a warzone before they ever have to physically be in one? Perfect for training purposes VR headsets could educate our soldiers more effectively than current training protocols, allowing them to acclimatize to the situation they are entering before any lives are on the line.

PTSD and Therapy

Therapists and psychologists could use VR technology to desensitize anxious patients to the situation they are afraid of. Imagine not having to face the whole of your fears in the real world, instead you could face little parts of those fears until you were ready to deal with them as a whole.


What if you didn’t have to go to school? You could stay at home in your pajamas all day long. What if, at the same time, you still learned everything you were supposed to learn and achieved 100% attendance?
VR could completely change schooling. It could be used in the classroom to show instead of tell. It could be used instead of the classroom so everyone could always be present from anywhere in the world.
Our children could learn faster and in a more interesting way than ever before… If they get to visit places during Geography and times during History, I might just go back to school myself!

Life Quality

For people that are sick and can no longer go outside VR could be a lifeline. They could relive home made films of Christmas’ or birthdays, they could see love ones who have sadly passed away or they could visit their favorite places and feel normal for a while.
VR could provide people with the ability to escape the world they currently live in and be happy for a while.

As you can see, the advancements in virtual reality could help us and change our world for the better. We could access knowledge and entertainment instantly.

Written By Yazmine Howes

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