How to use technology to fight mental health issues


I have been there. Right where you are now, searching for solutions to problems that seem too big for me to overcome. I have overcome them, though and you can get through this too.
After initially seeking treatment and diagnosis, I also started to look for other ways to improve my mental health, steps I could take on my own.
More companies are releasing apps targeted at people suffering from mental health issues or potentially facing a stress-related mental breakdown. These apps, on the whole, seem to be very positive and it might be worth you giving them a try.



Accessing mental health apps and online counseling is convenient. You can access it from anywhere in the world and at any time. As someone who suffers from mental health issues, I know that those thoughts can strike you at any time, sometimes they strike during the middle of the night, when you feel loneliest. When loved ones are asleep and you have no one to confide in. 
The nature of these websites/apps is that they are readily accessible at your most vulnerable moments, be that at two o’clock in the afternoon or two o’clock in the morning. You don’t have to be alone.



The biggest obstacle when trying to tackle mental health issues is to admit to your loved ones that there is a problem. You worry about what they will think of you, you panic about what to say and you expect to be judged (by the way these are very often unfounded worries). You can be anonymous when you access these sites, no one needs to know about the app on your phone. (We really do recommend you speak to someone though and tell them you need some help). It doesn’t have to be scary to admit you’re struggling a little bit, we all struggle sometimes.

Just the Beginning

Accessing this technology can be a great start to seeking the help you need. Once you realise it isn’t too scary to seek help and you have a better idea of the help that can be offered, it is easier to take the next step in your journey to recovery. If one app or one website doesn’t help, try the next one. Find out what works best for you. (Try speaking to your GP too, they are trained to understand and have helped lots of people just like you – I should know).


In many cases, these apps/sites cost very little and are very easy to use. What have you really got to lose?

More Interesting Treatment Methods

talking to GP

By using these sites/apps you may find treatment methods that have not yet been suggested to you. Some of them may help you, some may not but it is worth trying them all anyway.
You can try these treatments alongside the traditional therapies offered by your mental health specialists. You may find a combination of traditional therapy and alternative treatments beneficial and they could provide you with a better quality of life.


There are a couple of things you should be aware of before venturing off into the world of mental health apps/websites.


There is no industry standard for this technology yet and these apps/sites are not regulated. If you have a negative experience or find something unhelpful, please put it down to a shoddy app and find help elsewhere. It is okay, to try things and find they don’t work, you can look for help elsewhere.
If an app makes promises of curing you within a couple of days and you try it and it doesn’t make you better, don’t be put off trying other methods or seeking help from your doctor. Some companies are more focused on making money than they are on us, that is a reflection of them and not of anyone else offering help.

Visiting your GP

These sites/apps are not supposed to be a substitute for proper health care. If you are in immediate danger, or you think you may harm yourself or someone else, go to a professional. Demand the best care and do not leave until you receive the help you need. If you are poorly, it is not your fault. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

You deserve to access the tools you need to adequately fight this illness. 
Fight your mental health issues with everything you have. Remember, everything can be fixed and the things your mind tells you aren’t always true. Tomorrow always promises better things. Keep going.

Access Mental Health Helplines:

Written By Yazmine Howes 

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