How to hire a Hitman...

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…and other things they don't want you to know

Imagine walking into a room, that room is full of people you don't know. Those people are criminals, thieves, murderers, kidnappers and drug dealers. 

Without realising it, normal people like you and I come close to entering that room every day. Every time you browse the internet, you brush the surface and this room lies just beneath.

It is not a physical room, instead it is a database created, accessed and shared by millions of people - this is the Dark Web.

It is estimated that 90% of the internet is below the surface, this 90% is known as the Deep Web.

The Internet Breakdown

What's the difference between the Dark web and the Deep Web?

Good question. The Deep Web is everything that can't be accessed by a crawler. A crawler is a search engine (think Google, Bing etc), search engines find information for you by crawling through links. If you open up YouTube and go to the first video and click on a link, then on that video click on another and so on and so forth, this is a slower version of what a search engine does. 

So, the Deep Web then is information that has not been linked to. Google can't find the information for you by crawling through links on other pages. Most of the Deep Web is relatively innocent, things like company databases and unpublished web pages for example, they exist on the Deep Web.

The Dark Web is a small part of the Deep Web. This is where illegal trading takes place, it is where you could hire a hitman or buy hard drugs.

To access the Deep Web and the Dark Web you have to download TOR. TOR (the onion router) will allow you access to sites that have .onion in their hyperlinks (instead of .com or this is where the Deep Web and the Dark Web are located.


The Onion Router

TOR allows it’s users a certain amount of anonymity. Every computer has a unique IP address, this IP address links to your location and helps to identify you. TOR reroutes your IP address through several relays across the globe to make it difficult to trace you. Every 10 minutes this rerouted IP address will change, making you even harder to track.

How do you purchase goods on the dark web?

Most normal purchases are traceable in some way, be it via the name on a credit card or the account number on a bank transfer. People purchasing illegal goods often use the crypto-currency Bitcoin. It isn’t entirely anonymous and there are a few ways to identify where a transaction originated but it is harder to do and it is the most anonymous payment method we have. 

Bitcoin is used for transactions on the Dark Web so frequently that when major sites like ‘Silk Road’ have been shut down, their shares have dropped massively. Luckily Silk road was relaunched and the value of Bitcoin went up threefold.

Will I receive the goods/service I pay for?

Have you ever heard the term “No honour amongst thieves”? This can certainly be the case with the Dark Web. By definition the Dark Web is a place for the dodgiest people to congregate and do business. Purchasing any goods or services is a risk and it’s not like you can report a fraudulent seller to the authorities now is it?

On some sites, customers are able to leave reviews but again, with the anonymous nature of the network, you can’t confirm that they are genuine.

Why hasn't the Government shut it down?

Tough question. The easiest answer I have for you is that they can’t. From time to time they make an arrest or shut one site or another down, but it is like a drop in the ocean. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t make a difference because someone else will open it up again elsewhere.

Another possible answer though, is that they don’t want to. Who do you think invented TOR?

How to be ‘safe’ on the Dark Web

Please bare in mind that you are entering into a world full of hackers and thieves (amongst others). Don’t give out your identity to anyone. It has been suggested that you cover your webcam (just in case). 

A quote by Nietzsche says “If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you”. This is the case here. Be careful.

What will I find when I explore the dark web?

You are likely to find most things you look for in some form or another. Don’t search for things you don’t want to see.

Written By Yazmine Howes

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