As the world takes huge strides towards AI and smart homes, we have to ask ourselves what this means for the large majority of people who rent the property that they live in.

For landlords, smart properties mean a greater level of security, the opportunity to keep an eye on their investments and the ability to be alerted to issues on the premises – like leaks – before they become too problematic.

Tenancy Agreement

But for those people in Britain who do not own their homes, the prospect of moving into a smart home is daunting and moving in could even be a danger to them. It means hackable locks, cameras that can be used to watch where you are and what you’re doing, it means being under surveillance 24-7.

It also means that you are sending data about who is home, and when they’re home to several different parties across the internet. And the internet is not always secure.
Does this sound like a nightmare to you? The idea that someone could use your home against you at any time and you would have no idea about it until it was too late.


If you are reading this in outrage and thinking that it must be stopped, I’m afraid you may not have much of a choice. Most tenants will unknowingly let their landlords perform these updates to their property. Smart devices were, after all, originally invented to make our lives easier.

Sadly, they could actually do the complete opposite. Smart devices are a good way to check if the tenant is breaking their tenant's agreement, for example, if there are pets at the property, and if the evidence is on camera there could be serious consequences.

Tip: be the best tenants you can be. If you have moved into a smart home, and you’re renting it, chances are your landlord has a pretty good idea of what is going on at the property most of the time.


You may be wondering if there are any legal grounds you can use to prevent yourself from being in this situation, unfortunately, there is no legal precedent here. It has never been an issue before and so, we aren’t sure what would happen if a landlord wanted to make these updates and the tenant refused.

As you’ll find in the tech industry, laws can rarely keep up with progress. We are moving at such a pace that we could end up in serious trouble.

If you are in the position to purchase a home rather than renting, which I know many of you are not, I recommend you do so now. We should all feel safe in our homes and we should not be worrying about hackable locks that could let almost anyone in.