Trump is Launching an AI initiative but what does it mean for us?

I think I am speaking for most (sane) people when I say that we have been disappointed with some of the things that have come out of the Trump presidency. I am of the opinion that the man currently sitting in the White House, in fact, belongs in the big house (prison) for tax avoidance, solicitation and just being a horrible human being.

If you are like me, you may just roll your eyes whenever this awful man appears on any screen. But he has just announced that he is launching an AI initiative and we are a little curious as to what that’s going to cover.

1) Research and Development

He has asked all agencies to prioritize AI investments and to be clear about how much they have spent on AI so it can be measured.

2) Infrastructure

They want agencies to help researchers access data, algorithms and computer processing.

3) Governance

To ensure the safety of this research and place restrictions on AI’s use, the administration will create specific policies. In particular, they have said they will be focusing on protecting data privacy.

4) Workforce

They are going to look for ways for workers to continue their education with on the job training programs. They will also create fellowships and other training programs in computer science.

5) International Collaboration

The administration wants to collaborate with other countries around the world whilst looking into the development of AI, but they will be looking for a way to do this without giving away their edge and without compromising US interests.

Essentially, they want another country to give them all of the AI research they possess without having to give anything of substance to that country in return – does that sound like a good deal to you?

I have a huge difficulty with this and in large part, it’s because of the man running the initiative. I would suggest that the US maybe begin with inventing AI to limit Trump’s Tweets or to point out the frequent inconsistencies in the words he speaks. With any luck, they’ll hurry up and impeach him before he does any more damage to America’s credibility.

It really is a shame that this man was ever elected. All he has ever done is made things harder for US people (unless they are the 1%) and made a mockery of the US political system.

I could go on and we could touch upon women’s rights, human rights, and racism. But let’s just conclude with the fact that the rest of the world will be thankful, and we will all be able to take the US seriously again, when his term ends.