Your Employer Could Soon Require you to be Micro-chipped

I’m sorry, what!? When the issue was first bought to my attention yesterday, I was truly horrified. It was only a few weeks ago that I covered the issue of employee privacy and microphones being fitted in places of work to monitor conversations and customer interaction.

I know at this point in time, tech has no limits. Nothing is entirely impossible. But this practice is truly barbaric.


My blood ran cold when I discovered that staff microchipping is not years away, it is not some far off threat that generations to come will have to face. It is already happening. Some engineering and financial firms are already requiring their staff to consent to these microchips.

What’s the purpose of these microchips?


They apparently make it easier to use technology. With a swipe of your hand, you will be able to unlock your car, home and turn things off and on.

It will also store a lot of interesting data, that these companies will be able to track and record. But please focus on the positives, who cares if they can read your heart rate, blood pressure, mood and potentially your thoughts, right?

These microchips are the same size as a grain of rice and implanted between the thumb and the forefinger. The same sort of microchip you might put in your pet’s or another animal you owned to monitor their location.

The most uncomfortable part of this is the knowledge that technology is easily reprogrammed. It also malfunctions occasionally.

Are you unsettled yet?

Human or Robot

If your stomach isn’t yet doing anxious flips and you aren’t shivering in fear, the company that creates these microchips are setting up an office in London. They claim they have already fitted 4,000 of these chips.

Why not just put us in shock collars and zap us if we aren’t working hard enough or if we step a foot out of line? Is that what’s coming next?

Brace yourselves, we will soon be slaves to the companies we work for and our every breath will soon be monitored. If you do not already have the skills to go self-employed if your boss demands you submit to one of these chips, I would start to learn. Do it quickly, I’m not sure how much time you have left.

Freewill is a luxury that we soon may not be able to afford.