What price will we pay for immortality?

Sources across the globe are reporting that Chinese scientists are creating babies, and no we aren’t talking about in the ‘good old fashioned’ way. In 2015 the unthinkable happened, man (and woman) took another step away from nature and we started editing embryos in lab dishes.

What followed was a global outcry, the public urged these scientists to refrain from creating a petri-dish baby. At least for a while, anyway.

It seems though, that the halt in the research was only temporary, today the very same scientists are back in their laboratories, changing the way we make babies forever.

Scientists are recruiting couples in an attempt to create the first gene-edited babies. These babies will have the CCR5 gene completely removed. This will render the offspring resistant to HIV, smallpox and cholera.

Fantastic. These illnesses are awful. But what is the bigger picture? Where does this take us and how does it impact your future?

Well, if they can successfully perform this experiment, without killing or seriously impairing the children (I know, right). Then, of course, the next natural thought is what other awful diseases can we eliminate? 

Skip a few decades and we have eradicated most of the world’s deadliest diseases. Which leaves us where? We will be living longer. Great!

But have we thought about what that actually means for our already over-populated planet?

Perhaps, we will live in a world like the one in “The Declaration” by Gemma Malley. Will we all have to sign a pledge whereby we can live forever if we promise not to have children? Having perfect, genetically modified children is great, but if we aren’t dying, there are only so many resources we can spare.

Death does have a purpose. What meaning will life have if we can’t die?

Perhaps we will all be living on the moon by then – or something that seems equally impossible at the moment.

But why aggravate a problem that we already can’t fix?

Should we not be looking for an answer to the problem of our limited resources before we look to spread those resources further to a perfect generation of people who do not die?

Our generation is already living longer, creating problems with healthcare and care for the elderly. We are already refusing to give up the fight to diseases that would once have been deadly. This issue is becoming more serious as we age.

Perhaps I am thinking too far ahead.

What do you think? Are gene-edited babies a good thing?


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