mind control

I am worried. After writing the blog about humans being required to be microchipped, I was seriously unsettled and I began a conversation with my colleague.

He asked me why the prospect of these microchips bothered me so much and I replied that they could be reprogrammed to spy on us.


“Hey Siri,” his words were loud in the quiet of the office and his phone beeped helpfully and lit up, waiting for further instruction. He gestured to his phone, and to my own device which had been lying on the desk.

“All of your smart devices are already spying on you, listening to your conversations, waiting to be of some use. How do you think they place relevant adverts on your social media feeds?”
A shiver ran down my spine. Perhaps it was already too late, I was worried about everything being available to anyone who desired it, my every thought being laid bare for everyone to see. The more I thought about this, the more I realized it was true.

My previous blogs had been so focused on privacy and the use of new technologies, that I didn’t realize we were already too far gone.


There is no stopping the development of new technology, there is no preventing the inevitable. We, as humans, will continue to evolve.

When Samsung announced this week that they were working on technology that would be controlled using our eyes, and then they were moving towards technology that would be solely controlled by our minds, I had to remind myself that there was no stopping it.

Instead, I am going to focus on the positives of ‘Project Pontis’ (even if the skeptic in me is fighting for control).

Samsung says that the main reasoning behind the development of this technology is to make their devices easier to use for people with disabilities, which is fantastic. Even if they do require an accurate map of the user’s brainwaves for it to be successful.

(Trying really hard not to talk about how this means they will know everything and your thoughts could be sold to the highest bidder…)

To begin with, the user has to put on a headset with 64 brain-scan sensors, so they can find a baseline and determine what signifies a user’s intentions.

clockwork orange movie

(Really struggling, why does this feel like a scene from ‘A Clockwork Orange’?)

They are hoping to unveil more prototypes in early 2019 and start testing it in Swiss hospitals.

I am going to leave the last part to your imaginations. If anyone wants me, I’m going to be in a cave, hiding from the terrifying technology we are being slowly consumed by!

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We are taking a break for one week folks, Black Friday is looming, our blogs will continue on the 27th of November! Safe shopping!