Is your boss spying on you?

In 2018 Walmart patented technology that would listen in to conversations between customers and staff in their stores. Their goal was to increase customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs and monitor their staff’s productivity.


The sad truth is that as employees we are all facing new micromanaging measures by the people at the top of the corporate ladder. As technology improves, our internal phone calls, emails, text messages, conversations and even our body language are all being bought under the microscope.

(If you were thinking about emailing your work buddy to complain about your manager, think again, chances are your emails aren’t as private as you might imagine).

Another hard truth: there is very little you can do about it. You have very few rights in your place of work (unless you are lucky enough to be the boss).

If you browse through your contract of employment it is very likely that you will find you have given your employer the right to monitor your work in all sorts of fun and interesting ways.

In 2016 a landmark ruling by a European Court gave employers the right to access any social media or personal email correspondence that was accessed on a work device. Your employer is only entitled to access this information if it is open during working hours and if they have previously notified you that correspondence on that device is monitored. You must have agreed to these terms for them to access your private information.


You should check your employment contract for this clause, if you have signed the contract then it is evidence that you agree to be monitored and private correspondence could then be used against you.

Most employers will allow their staff to send a few private messages using a company device but check your contract to see what is prohibited.

The safest way would be to avoid sending messages on any work devices and to never associate any personal accounts with your work email address. This would make the information harder for employers to access.

Do not forget to mark all social media accounts as private, your employers (and the rest of the world) can access all of the information you publicly display on the internet. A Facebook rant could easily get you fired if you forget who can see it!

Online Security

A public social media account could prevent you from getting a job in the first place! 7 out of 10 employers now use social media to look at candidates before hiring them.

The demand for digital monitoring in the workplace is not going to go away. Be sure to be smart with your use of technology.