Geek Chic – The Best Tech Inspired Halloween Costumes

From retro video games to crazy action heroes and everyday scrolling, be honest, we’re all a bit of a geek at heart. If your reading this your probably a proud geek and/or nerd. 

Ah yes, throughout the years we’ve been persecuted for our crimes against socialism with our tech-savvy devices! If you're stuck for some ideas for Halloween costumes, here’s a few tech-inspired, sassy ideas for your night!

Snapchat ghost?

Why not be a little more creative with that sheet and cut out eyes over your head? Just add a little bit of paint and a tongue for cuteness and hey presto! Snapchat ghost. Simple yet effective


You can go wild with this one! Do it by yourself or grab a friend and some yellow paint and splash, stitch and cut away to expressive freedom!

You can:
Be expressive with makeup and paint your face with glitter and colours to look like your vomiting rainbows?

Wear a yellow t-shirt, paint your faces to any of the laughing emoji’s and add some scare with fake blood. Now those perfectly innocent smiles have gotten dark!

Firefox Browser

So simple, yet so sassy! If you have an inflatable globe, simply add a fluffy tail, some ears and makeup and presto! Foxy fun! Add some fangs and/or contact lenses for a more haunting character!

Why do it alone? Here’s some fun ideas to try with your friends, dedicating yourselves to some tech-savvy legends!

Mario and Luigi

‘Here we go’! You can be as comic exaggerated or real as you like with this one. Buy Dungarees, hat and fake moustache, stitch up a bit of fabric to mimic the 2D graphics or buy online!

Pac men

If your feeling REALLY creative, you can create these guys with paper mache and chase and dance your friends around. You’re taking video games into live action role play! You could even make it a party game. Add fake blood for more scare!

Graveyard of Social media Platforms

Remember the good ol’ days of MSN and bebo? That’s just two of a big list of platforms long gone into technology heaven. Spook up the idea with some grey t-shirts and logos of our dearly departed that made our teenage years what they were. RIP

Do these revive some memories?
Yo, MySpace, Bebo, MSN, Friendster, Google Buzz, Google +, Vine


Be Mr Technology himself with a grey wig and moustache, suit and bowtie and some great quotes. Remember ‘I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots’? Use it. You can also spook it up with some zombie fx!

Mad Professor
Go a step further with a spiky wig and white lab coat. and  Pull a crazed face and shout ‘it lives!’.

You can:
Make this one go further by teaming up with a mate to be your ‘monster’. Wear a collarless white shirt and trousers. Add makeup and liquid latex around the neck, hands and ankles and paint to look like stitches. Mould the latex around some plastic bolts on the neck (don’t worry, it washes off easily!). Now you can team up and be Frankenstein and his monster.

The Simpsons

Pick any character you like from the Simpsons and dress accordingly. Paint yourself yellow and style and spray your hair. Take as many quotes as you like from the Halloween episodes. ‘No TV and no beer make Homer something-something’

Alternatively, spook up the non-main characters. Zombie Flanders would be a winner!

And for the very last minute

Error 404 page

Nothing more annoying than coming across one of these? That’s why it’s perfect for Halloween.

If you have no ideas or the party is too last minute to wear a proper costume, grab a white t-shirt and add ‘Error 404: costume not found’.


Simply write 'book' across your face and (optionally) dress in blue.

So what do you think? Sometimes less is more. Simple, effective and sassy. Excelsior!