7 tips to help you keep your iPhone protected

iphone tips

Think about how much information you store on your phone; all of your passwords, your banking information, your credit card details, those cheeky pictures… How much is that information worth to you? What would happen if your phone was hacked and all of that information fell into the wrong hands?

I’m guessing that would not be ideal. 

To help you keep your iPhone safe, we’ve compiled some top tips.

1.    Be careful where you plug your phone in to charge

charging phoneAirports, train stations, and shopping centers have charging stations now. These were installed for customer/passenger convenience but thinking about it, how do you transfer information from your phone to your computer? Many of us just plug in our cables and access the files we need. Those cables are designed both for charging and transmitting data.

A safer solution to charging on the go would be a portable power pack, you can charge these at home and just plug your phone into them when it is running low on battery.

If you are caught short though and have no choice but to use a charging station in a public place, do not unlock your phone whilst it is plugged in. This allows hackers to tap into it easily. Keep it on the lock screen and let it charge whilst you wait.

2.    Regularly Update your phone

phone update

Apple sends you updates for a reason. With every new update, apple fixes bugs and holes in the last one. I am guilty of leaving my phone too long between updates too, the result could be disastrous, hackers could potentially exploit holes in the old update. You are leaving yourself vulnerable to attack.

3.    Don’t Jailbreak your phone 


Jailbreaking your phone allows you to access apps that you can’t otherwise access. It also invalidates your Apple warranty. Downloading unauthorized apps is a great way to download a virus and if you do accidentally download a virus, Apple won’t help you. 

4.    Be careful when opening messages


Don’t open messages from senders you don’t know, this especially relates to emails. Also, watch out for text or Whatsapp messages from people claiming to be mainstream companies, these messages will tell you that your order is about to be dispatched or that they need you to log into your account via a link. DON’T CLICK THE LINKS! If you are worried, log into your account on a different device and check for unauthorized orders there. 

Delete the message. Do not respond. Hackers only need your mobile number to tap into your system.

5.    Use an End-to-End Encryption Service


As mentioned above, hackers can use basic information like your phone number to access your phone. Our devices are all connected using phone towers, this allows our phone companies to see how much data and how many minutes we use. It is possible for people to exploit this system and access your information. They can see what you are doing on your phone.

This is not the most common way for hackers to gain access to your information, but it is possible.

6.    Change your Apple ID and Password regularly


If someone discovered your Apple ID and password, they can access iCloud remotely and download apps onto your phone. These apps can track calls, texts, emails, data usage and can even be used to determine passwords. This is the easiest way to hack a phone, it requires no physical contact with the item.

7.    Avoid logging in using unsecured networks


Do you often sit and use your phone/laptop in a coffee shop? Do you log into their Wifi? Have you ever paid bills or used online banking on these networks?

If you answered yes to any of the above you are seriously at risk.

Consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) instead. This will create a private security net around your internet activity, preventing others from seeing what you are doing.

I hope that has helped! With technology always developing and becoming more complex it is easy to get lost in all of the privacy tips that are available. Be careful with your browsing and be aware of the latest scams.