5 tips for Posting on Facebook

We’ve all done it. Posted something we thought was hilarious, only to check back in a couple of hours and realise that no one bothered to like it. It can be hard to understand, that was pure meme gold, why hasn’t anyone shared it?

Maybe it wasn’t the post. Could it just be the wrong time of day? Not everyone is awake at 4am on a Tuesday. Perhaps that is the problem? 

To help you avoid these difficult issues, we have put together a list of posts to avoid.

1.    Copy and paste this status if….

I will never copy/paste/bother to read anything that starts with this. There is a 99% chance it is complete rubbish and a 100% chance it’ll bore me to death. Oh, and if you are constantly posting this spiel, I will unfriend you. #SorryNotSorry #FakeNews

2.    Your Kids, again!

Okay, this isn’t a complete attack on those that post cute pictures of their kids. I do beg you to be careful what you post and who can see it though.

What I don’t want to see is pictures of your children in the bath, running around naked, wearing swimwear. This makes me so uncomfortable on so many levels. These pictures are online! People can see them. Is your profile on private? Do you know everyone you have added as a friend?

Why would you post this anyway! Think about what you are doing!

3.    Complaints about your boss/job

Yep, those three likes are going to feel great for a few minutes. That is until one of your coworkers decides to share that post and your boss sees it. How great is it going to feel when you get fired? Or when you get passed up for a promotion because you decided to compare your boss to a drill sergeant? 

Some opinions you really should keep to yourself. #Awkward

4.    I don’t care

Are you on your 3rd Coca-Cola of the day? Are you having an early night? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend being a pain in the backside, again? Great. Thanks for the update on the really boring, everyday things that are happening to you right now. I can now die happy because I know you love chocolate. 

I feel so overwhelmed with emotion.

#Boring #Yawn

5.    Racist/Homophobic Rubbish

Just go away. No, immigrants are not the reason you can’t get a job. No, immigrants do not think the red postbox (or whatever stupid thing is being shared this week) should be banned. No, being Gay is not unnatural or a sin. 

No, you are not edgy or impressive for sharing offensive things on social media.

Try to think about the things you post and the people that see those posts. Think about the message you are sharing with the world and the things you are saying. One day we will all be a collection of memories, and at this point in time our Facebook pages can outlive us. What will people look back on your life and see? What opinions will you be showing the world? Don’t use your voice to spread hate.

#PeaceAndLove #LoveIsLove