The Rise of Naughty Virtual Reality

VR Porn

We are all very excited about VR headsets and the way they will revolutionize the world. From travel and tourism to education, there isn’t an industry that has not been affected by the development of VR.

VR is even sending vibrations (sorry, just couldn’t help myself) through the adult entertainment industry. 

VR headsets promise users a world where they really feel involved in the reality they are watching and VR porn is no different. With users feeling their experience getting that little bit more lifelike, it is hardly surprising VR is well loved.
vr reach

Most VR porn providers are developing POV content (where the user is watching from the perspective of the main character, everything in the video is happening to them) because the user feels more invested in the experience.

pov kiss

Some say that the secret driving force behind the development of VR is the porn industry. Big technology brands avoid commenting on the subject though and will do almost anything to prevent themselves from being associated with any element of adult entertainment because of the bad press.

Popular pornography sites that have embraced the changes have grown exponentially since making VR porn available to users and continue to expand as VR headsets become a popular way to experience the internet. The gaming industry (marketed as the main reason for VR headsets) hasn’t experienced anywhere near the same amount of growth.
pov woman

It has been reported that the top four countries using VR porn are the USA, the UK, Spain and France. A whopping 78% of users are male whilst only 22% of users are female.

vr girl

The VR porn industry would completely erupt if headset manufacturers were more open minded. Many manufacturers have blocked VR porn apps from their stores. Meaning that those wanting that type of excitement are moving on to search porn sites themselves.

My question though: Will it ever out do the real thing?

I feel like we are one slippery slope away from that scene in ‘Demolition Man’ (1993 film with Sylvester Stallone) where in the future instead of having actual sex they just put on a headset. Anyone else getting that vibe?

Another potential problem for VR porn is that it is way too real! The singletons out there can watch (or participate) in whatever they wish. However, for those who don’t usually consider watching porn as cheating or a violation of trust, it is tiptoeing a very fine line between watching something on line and taking part in something in real life.

Many husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends are okay with the former but are definitely not okay with the latter.

The use of VR porn raises lots of ethical questions that I’m not sure we are ready for yet.

Written By Yazmine Howes

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