RLR DISTRIBUTION: Helping our local community

I was sat at my desk on a sunny Thursday afternoon when the call came in. It was Sam from the BBC and she needed our help. A young disabled girl in Bromsgrove was going to be on the next season of ‘DIY SOS: the big build’ and they were struggling to source electricals for her new home.

phone call

After hearing Karis’ story, I told Sam we would help in any way we could. 

Karis was faced with a tough decision, her Mother had cared for her all of her life, but her Mother’s health was deteriorating and she was injuring herself trying to look after Karis. Karis’ sister wanted to take her in and provide the 24-hour help Karis required but her home wasn’t fitted with the equipment Karis needed. 

The house also required a two-story extension to accommodate Karis’ wash room and the lift Karis would need to get around. If Karis’ sister could not take her in, Karis would have to go into a residential care home. 

The DIY SOS team were determined to provide Karis with a suitable home.

We couldn’t stand by and let Karis go into care either. We asked the design team what their requirements were, when they gave us the sizes they wanted, we gave them two AKTV3228, the best TV we could think of. The AKTV3228 has an integrated soundbar and a sleek black appearance, perfect for mounting on bedroom and living room walls. 

We sent them out immediately and they were received by the design team the next day.

Luckily, we weren’t the only ones who were moved by Karis’ story and wanted to help.

From all over the Midlands, contractors and skilled tradesmen had flocked to assist with the build. Having only nine days to complete the work, time was of the essence. With such a short time it is difficult to imagine everything coming together. 

The house was completed to an exceptional standard. On reveal day, almost a hundred people gathered outside to welcome Karis home. We stood and watched on as Karis’ Mother shed tears, even Nick Knowles had to take a moment to compose himself. Watching this program on TV, you don’t feel the same impact as you do in person, these people’s lives had really changed.

Karis wouldn’t have to go into residential care because we created a home for her. A safe place for her to live and move freely.

At RLR Distribution, we are proud to support local causes, we want to make lives better. 
On behalf of everyone here, we want to wish Karis a long and happy life in her new home!
To catch Karis’ story, look out for the next series of BBC ONE’s ‘DIY SOS: the big build’.