Replacing Passports with Facial Recognition

facial recognition

Forget those long lines to check in and precariously juggling all of your bags to try and fish your ID out. The days of human passport checkers are almost over. One airport in Sydney Australia is trialling facial recognition software to replace the use of other forms of ID. 

It’s a terrifying thought, isn’t it? The idea of countries all over the world being able to recognize you and track your movements. There would be huge ramifications to government agencies like MI5 who heavily rely on anonymity. 

Australia has been heavily funding this software, the project will cost them $94 million over five years.

The knowledge that this software isn’t very accurate doesn’t provide much comfort. Police in London are trialling facial recognition software on their huge network of security cameras, they are using this software to attempt to track criminals as they move through the city. 98% of the time this software was used it failed to identify the criminal they were tracing and instead identified an innocent person.
If this software does make mistakes as often as reported, it is worrying.

During a recent speech made by the commissioner of the London police force, she said. “If there’s a technology that we can use lawfully... I think the public would expect us to be thinking about how we can use that technology”.

This raises privacy concerns from people all over the world. 
face recognition

Microsoft has recently called for new regulations on facial recognition software. Microsoft’s President Brad Smith said he was happy to compete with other technology companies to develop this software, but all companies should be following the same regulations and those regulations should be strictly enforced.

There are many problems that could arise from the misuse of facial recognition software, think about the military tracking your every move, think companies using it in corporate espionage, think spying on people and using it to refuse people jobs, credit or services. 
cameras watching

Think of the world in George Orwell’s ‘1984’ where cameras watch citizen’s every move and try to eliminate individuality. Is that the world we are heading towards? Are people going to be watching us every minute of the day? Are we going to be too afraid to have an alcoholic drink, go out with our friends, love freely or be happy because of the consequences we might face?

It’s an unsettling thought.

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