The best spy gadgets of 2018

Where would a spy be without his/her gadgets? Nowhere! On TV or in the movies they don’t show you how important the technology is. Below we have put together a light-hearted story, highlighting the products they use and how they’re used.

You get the call at 3am. An MP’s daughter has been kidnapped from a party she was attending last night. The police have no leads. No one caught the license plate and there are no security cameras in the area.

You arrive at the girl’s home at 4am, her Mother and Father look stricken. They cling together as the girl’s mother sobs.

You get to work quickly, installing the Ring Doorbell at the front door. You want to be able to see everyone that comes and goes. Kidnappers tend to follow their prey for days or weeks before making their first move. If they had installed this sooner they may have caught him on camera before the event. Instead you have to start from scratch.

Next, you plant Spyzie phone taps on all of the phones in the house. You never know how the Kidnapper will make contact.

Your phone begins to bleep. The motion detector on the Ring Doorbell is alerting you to movement. You rush to the door; a package is being placed at the other side. You grab the suspect, forcing her against the wall. She struggles.

Holding her hands up she insists she doesn’t know what’s going on. She’s the housekeeper. She says she found the package by the gate. You have her detained until you can confirm her story. Using gloves, you open the package carefully. 

Inside there’s a note.

It tells the parents that if they don’t vote against a major bill, their daughter will die.

You take no notice of the demands. It’s a typed note. It wasn’t in an envelope. The only hope you have is that they were careless enough to forget to wear gloves. You dust for prints. Nothing shows up on the letter. You try the box.

Two sets of prints appear. One set is the housekeepers. You wore gloves to touch it and no one else came into contact with the parcel. The other set must be the kidnappers.

You trace the prints to a man that’s already in the system. You head to his last known address. Using your Armasight Prometheus Thermal Imaging Monocular you see that he’s alone. The girl is not being held here.

You put your Spytrack NANO Tracker on his car and you wait.

At 10am he leaves his house. You alert the local police and follow him to a warehouse building in an abandoned part of town. Using your thermal monocular you see three people inside. If allow the local police to burst in, you could create a hostage situation.

With your Spy Snake Cam, you see the situation inside the warehouse. The girl is bound and gagged in a corner, the two men holding her are having a heated discussion a meter away.

The Armed Response Team burst in. With no where to hide the suspects surrender.

You and your spy gadgets save the day. You don’t stop to celebrate though. You have another mission.


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