7 Reasons You Don’t Want a Flying Car

We hate to be negative nellies and burst some bubbles but here are some things you really should consider before thinking about purchasing a flying car.

So, last week popular news outlets were reporting Uber’s ambitious plans to get flying taxis launched by 2023. They are investing just over £17,000,000 to develop these in Paris. Most of you out there had flashes of ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. Your inner children erupted with excitement and we humored you for a while. We let you have that moment before chiming in with the points below.

Other People's Incompetence

Car accident
Driving down the motorway on your daily commute, you are in the second left-hand lane surrounded by other cars. As you approach a slip road, cars are coming down to join the left-hand lane. The (insert swear word here) in the car next to you doesn’t bother checking his mirrors, he just moves over. 

You swerve and manage to dodge him.

That could have been a bad accident.

People love the idea of flying cars. They seem to forget that they won’t be the only person in a flying car. Everyone else will have them too!


Car Crash
When you’re in an accident you can’t just get out and walk off. You will very likely fall from the sky. This isn’t just a problem for those using flying cars, this is an issue for everyone on solid ground too.

I guarantee there will be someone reading this now saying to themselves “But there are more accidents on the road each year than there are in the air!”.

Yes, this is true, for now. But when road users move into the air, there will very likely be more accidents. Those accidents will often cause serious injuries and death.


Girl flying plane

Our pilots have to go through intensive training to fly any type of aircraft. There are also many checks conducted on planes before take-off.

Honestly, how many of you would do several pages of checks before going to work or popping to the shops? We all know you wouldn’t. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Your average Joe Bloggs won’t know how to use an aircraft or perform those checks anyway. The assumption is, that to use a flying car we would need an additional driving qualification. This means more lessons and more tests!



You can currently order the PAL-V Liberty (a flying car) for £425,000. You won’t find that amount between the sofa cushions!

Or you could buy a Porsche, Bentley or Lamborghini (with money leftover on some models) and stay safely on the ground.

Fear of flying

Fear of flying

You know those people, the ones who sit down on an airplane and break out in a sweat. The ones who don’t go on holiday abroad because they just can’t handle the flight. People who need a prescription or a few stiff drinks to manage the take off.

How are those poor people going to get around? When accident statistics rise and they start witnessing aircrafts literally falling from the sky they will never feel safe.


Traffic Lights

Flying cars will make it harder to prevent speeding. We won’t be able to have fixed speed cameras. I highly doubt manufacturers will enforce maximum speeds on the vehicles.

That’s great! Isn’t it? Well no, the faster you go the more likely you are to have an accident.

On that note, how will police pull dangerous drivers over? How will they recognize a drunk driver when there are no roads to swerve on? Worrying, isn’t it?

They will change our landscapes


Think about billboards on the sides of our motorways. Think of the signs that we have. They will get bigger and brighter to make them visible to people flying these vehicles around. Are you looking forward to that?

There are a lot of questions that will need to be answered before these ‘cars’ can be implemented. I just hope they can find reasonable answers before these vehicles are widely available. We need to be ready.

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